ACL Satellite Broadband For Home Or Business Call: 01678 528314 For More Information
ACL Satellite Broadband For Home Or BusinessCall: 01678 528314For More Information

Mobile & Fixed Satellite Phones

The world becomes much smaller everyday as far as communications are concerned, with the help of ACL Telco Ltd and its fleet of handheld and flyway satellite devices we can make it even smaller.

ACL Telco Ltd have a wide range of devices to cover all kinds of applications, we have devices for sale as well as a growing rental pool of handheld Sat Phones for use here in the UK in remote locations as well as worldwide desinations.

ACL connect all devices with the world leaders in satellite communications, we try to offer the cheapest tarriffs possible ensuring best return on investment as well as performance and reliablillity.

Ideal devices for rescue teams, lone remote workers, mountaineers, pylon workers, world explorers in fact anyone with a need to have critical communications in remote locations that are off grid.

Tell us about your application and we will recomend a suitable device and airtime contract.

The Iridium 9555 is the classic entry level Iridium satellite phone that offers basic text and voice calling abilities around the globe.

The brilliant Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 satellite phone is now available with a 2 year warranty

The iSavi Inmarsat iSatHub is the first BROADBAND satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot that brings high speed satellite internet and voice calling capabilities to any smartphone, tablet, or windows laptop.

The Iridium GO is a Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot, which brings satellite voice calling, basic emailing, and text messaging capabilities to any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

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