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Ultrafast Connectivity Voucher Scheme Extended Across Wales until 2018

The Ultrafast Connectivity Voucher Scheme has been set up to assist viable businesses in Wales to obtain an ultrafast broadband connection.

Ultrafast Broadband is defined as at least 100mbps download speeds and at least 30mbps upload speeds with little or no contention. Applications can be accepted by those businesses whose upload and download speeds are consistently less than these speeds.

The scheme offers Welsh Government funded grants of up to a maximum value of £10,000.

The grant will be calculated as follows, based on the eligible costs of an ultrafast broadband connection:

  • First £3,000: 100% funded by the Welsh Government.
  • Between £3,000 and £17,000: 50% funded by the Welsh Government.
  • More than £17,000: no additional funding provided.

Eligible costs are defined as any reasonable capital costs for the initial installation and set-up of a system that is capable of providing stable download speeds of 100mbps and stable upload speeds of 30mbps. This could include but is not limited to the following components:

  • Installation fees
  • Excess construction charges
  • Set up and survey costs
  • New ductwork
  • Fibre
  • Blowing fibre
  • Leased line installations
  • Connection charges for FttC and FoD
  • High Capacity Wireless
  • Microwave equipment purchase and installation

The Ultrafast Connectivity Voucher scheme is now being opened up to businesses across Wales to help them meet the initial capital costs incurred in installing ultrafast broadband services. Previously it has only been available to those located in the Enterprise and Local Growth Zones.

Applicants should only apply for grant funding under the Ultrafast Connectivity Voucher scheme if they are certain that they have chosen the solution that best suits their business needs for the full term of any obligation to a service provider.

Julie James, the deputy minister for skills and technology, said:

"[This scheme], together with Superfast Cymru, our project to provide wireless broadband to 2000 premises on business parks and industrial estates, and the commercial roll-out by private companies, will make superfast speeds available to all homes and businesses across Wales.

"All the measures we are taking are helping to make Wales one of the best connected countries in the world."

Applications may be submitted at any time.

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ACL Telco Ltd introduce A New Sales Director January 2015

ACL announced  the arrival of their new sales Director Mr Pete Downing formally of Colt Communications Ltd.

Pete's role within ACL is to generate new business from emerging markets as well as developing a new re-seller arm of the business.

ACL hope to benefit from Pete's wealth of knolodge obtained during a long spell at Colt, we hope to stream line the operations of the company and bring a better customer experience throughout.

Pete will be meeting with the existing client base throughout 2015 and he looks forward to the challenges ahead.

ACL Telco Ltd Will Be Exhibiting At The NCI School Tech Show 2014 At The Royal Cornwall Showground 10th July 2014




The Welsh Government and the Superfast Cymru Team launched a new Grant Application Process back in October 2014 however on the day of launch the goal posts moved when BT placed most of the Welsh exchanges into a catagory of Fibre Enablement within 18 months thus rendering the application useless.

In some known cases potential applicants asked the Welsh Government ABC department for application papers early September 2013 to be told "a new grant application comes out in October 2013 wait untill then"was this a ploy ? one applicant did just that and guess what it was rejected.

the old grant was to run until the last day of September and the work could be carried out within the following 6 months why else would the ABC team do such a thing other than to not give out the grant.


Many hundreds potentialy thousands will not be able to gain access to the High speed fibre network and at this point the welsh government are sticking their heads firmly in the sand, anything beyond 3 Km from cab will result in a no go and more over if you connect direct to the exchange you will find it will be a no go as the service is only run a CAB level.


Welsh Government And BT are protecting the position wrongly, Simon Jones head of the government Fibre roll out was asked recently to disclose the deal between the Welsh government and BT under the Freedom of Information ACT his comment was as follows " it will not be disclosed as we feel it is not in the interest of the public" how strange is that as its tax payers money that is being used.



To clear up a few points raised in the comment above, Tooway is
the marketing branch / subsidiary for the French owned Eutelsat. Tooway sell
their broadband through resellers, such as Tarium, Avonline & Bentley Walker
to name a few. Avanti, a British company sells its broadband through partners
and the trick is to find a good local partner.
As to the issue with
throttling of bandwidth by Tooway, this isn't the case, all that is happening is
that their service is already getting congested and over subscribed. This is not
the case with Avanti.
As to the difference between the equipment, all Avanti
installations are carried out by trained & accredited engineers as the
alignment & commissioning of the satellite connection requires specialist
knowledge and equipment. The Tooway equipment has been designed to be self
installed, but as the whole system is cumbersome and heavy, shouldn't be
attempted by oneself. Especially if climbing ladders is required. With personal
experience in both systems, I would opt for Avanti every time.


ACL have now mananged to complete the Beta tests for provision of telephone services over satellite broadband with great features and very competative call rates, infact all user to user / inter-company calls are free of charge.

Our tried and tested satellite broadband solution brings broadband to home owners and businesses nationwide, with this new product we can now take away the cost of the BT analogue line for deliverence of broadband which makes our offer very attractive. 

Extension Of Welsh Assembly Broadband Support Scheme

Welsh Assembly Statement Tuesday 12th March 2013

Since it started in 2010, the scheme has delivered broadband solution to “not-spots” and “slow-spots” to 4,700 premises and 31 communities across Wales. The scheme was due to close at the end of this month but the Minister has decided to extend it for an additional six months due to the significant demand, particularly in rural communities.

Mrs Hart said:

“I am delighted that we are able to extend this successful scheme until the end of September 2013 so that more communities across Wales can benefit.

“Work is already underway on the Superfast Cymru programme, which, when combined with commercial roll-out, will deliver high speed fibre broadband to 96% of premises in Wales. The extension of the Broadband Support Scheme means we can continue to help those premises which urgently require a  broadband solution.

MARCH 2013, ACL TELCO LTD launch hosted VoIP telephony sulution.


ACL are planning to conbine the power of satellite broadband with its very own hosted VoIP telephony product, hosted telephone systems will soon be the largest selling telephone stystem in the UK, low capital outlay and reduced call costs is out stripping sales of expensive PABX telephone systems.

ACL Hosted Voice hope to be in a position within the month of March 2013 to be able to offer potential clients a service deployed within 24 hours from the point of order by merging Satellite Broadband and Hosted VoIP PABX to give high quality calls at lower prices than the traditional route.


A service to help businesses on short lead times


For More Information go to:

ACL Getting Busy In Wales
ACL make an offer to the Welsh community, if you want broadband we will pay for the Equipment to do it, forget the Welsh Assembly Grants.
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