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HN9400 Router Takes Satellite Spotlight Product of the Year Award

Technology Marketing Corp. (TMC) recently honored Hughes with its 2010 Satellite Spotlight Product of the Year Award for the company’s innovative, dual Ka/Ku-band HN9400 satellite router. The newest member of its market-leading family of broadband satellite routers and modems, the HN9400 boasts several technology firsts and is spearheading the industry’s move to highthroughput Ka-band satellites from prior generation Ku-band systems.

Fully compliant with the IPoS/DVB-S2/ACM industry standard, the HN9400 supports up to 60 Mbps of throughput on the forward channel, and is the first to incorporate advanced adaptive LDPC coding on the return channel. This results in up to 20 percent improvement in link performance, thereby enabling very efficient use of satellite capacity. Capable of operating in Ka- or Ku-bands and with upstream rates of up to 3 Mbps, the HN9400 is an ideal platform to deliver even the most bandwidth-demanding services on today’s satellites, while being future-proof for next-generation, high-throughput systems. Continuing the Hughes tradition of innovation, this award-winning router is helping to unlock the many benefits of broadband connectivity for enterprise and government customers globally.

The Ka Band satellite system will use a 74cm oval dish with a dual reflector antenna. The ODU attached at the end of the arm from the dish will receive the signal from the satellite and then amplify it and then transmit it to the modem via coaxial connections and will perform the same actions when receiving data from the modem to the satellite for transmissions.

The HN 9000s satellite broadband modem will operate as an IP modem that incorporates many advanced functions and features to maximise the performance of your satellite broadband connection. This will help to maximise the experience and satisfaction gained by using the service.

Using Performance Enhancing Proxy’s (PEP) and a unique TurboPage the HN 9000s modem will mitigate any delays and increase overall throughput over satellite channels as well as provide excellent HTTP accelerations for a super fast web browser performance.                

SES & The Equipment

Equipment and setup

Our low cost equipment pack includes all you need to connect your computer or network to satellite broadband, and is made to the highest specifications for years of reliable use. It is truly “fit-and-forget”.

You can install the equipment yourself, quickly and simply, with a few basic tools and a little do-it-yourself skill, and our system needs no extra software to load onto your computer. If you prefer, for a modest fee, your chosen reseller will fit your dish and connect up your modem within days of ordering your SES Broadband package.

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