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Hylas 1

  • HYLAS 1 is Avanti’s first broadband satellite and uses the latest Ka-band technology
    to deliver high speed, two-way data services across Europe. It has a unique
    flexible payload which enables Avanti to change the bandwidth of its 8 Ka-band
    beams, whilst in orbit, to maximise satellite efficiency.
     HYLAS 1 is complemented by a Ku-band broadcast capability.
  • Satellite


Orbital Location: 33.5º W

Lift Off Mass:
2300 Kg

15 years

Payload Power:
>2.0 kW Capacity: up to 3 GHz

Hylas 2

HYLAS 2 launched in August 2012 and has quadrupled Avanti's satellite capacity,
providing new coverage across Europe, the Middle East & Africa

Launch of V208 took place on schedule on the 2nd August 2012. HYLAS 2 was successfully
inserted into orbit.

Avanti PLC Earth Stations

Avanti's state-of-the-art Ka-band earth stations are located at Goonhilly and Lands End in Cornwall, UK. Both sites are equipped with Hughes Network Systems hubs, building upon the extensive Ka-band experience gained from its American operations. The two sites have fully diverse and redundant fibre optic links to the Internet through London's Telehouse East.  Hubs from other vendors will be added in due course.

Avanti / Hughes Local Ground Satellite Units

products are designed to meet a wide range of consumer,
business and Goverment
needs, providing satellite broadband connectivity and backhaul solutions that
reach beyond the traditional fixed line and mobile networks. Our portfolio is
based on the latest Ka-Band Technology

Avanti PLC Technical Information

Avanti is a pioneer in the application of Ka-band satellite technology in Europe. Avanti's
first satellite, HYLAS 1, launched on 26 November 2010 providing two-way
coverage across Europe. HYLAS 2 was launch in 2012 and extend our coverage to
the Middle East and Africa. HYLAS 3 is currently in design.

Hosted Network Opperator

Avanti can provide unmanaged bandwidth for service providers who wish to install their own hub at
the UK based gateway earth station at Goonhilly, Cornwall. A fully serviced
data room with air-conditioned racks can accommodate satellite hubs from a
number of manufacturers and uplink and backhaul capability can be either shared
or dedicated to your needs alone.

Business Internet Continuity

Avanti has a series of Business Continuity products for disaster recovery telecoms
requirements, including a patented automated system which is globally unique.

Business Internet Continuity is a consideration for every business and
government organisation. A failure of a key connection, whether it is to the
Internet or another part of your network, creates frustration, lost business or
productivity and added costs. As computing moves into “Cloud” based
configurations the need for assured connectivity assumes greater importance.

The solution is to deploy a satellite back up circuit. This gives you:

  • 24 hour standby bandwidth
  • True physical diversity from the
         terrestrial circuit failure
  • Automated cut over in under 10 seconds
  • Network and data acceleration
  • Network Management to monitor circuit
  • Small standing charge and then pay as you

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