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The Welsh Government January 2016 Have Now Announced The New Voucher Scheme for Provision of High Speed Broadband. Dont Delay Contact ACL Today on 0808 165 0004.


From the 1st January 2016 anyone domestic dwelling not able to take advantage of the Superfast Cymru programme and as before suffering from poor performance of terestrial broadband networks will be allegable for a Welsh Assembly grant funded solution up to £400.00 and for businesses across Wales the Welsh Government will fund up to 50% of an installation to a value of £17,000 as long as the connection speed is 100 Mbps D/Load and 30 Mbps U/Load.



Application Details and Prospective Supplier List Can Be Found At The Following Link Below


You will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.


Q: I have checked the Superfast Cymru website and my exchange is listed as Accepting Orders (AO), can I still apply?

A: If your exchange is listed as ‘Accepting Orders’ or ‘Future Exchanges’ then you would not be eligible for support as Superfast Cymru is either already in your area or coming very soon.

Q: I have to wait 18 months for Superfast Cymru; this is a long time without any broadband connection, why can’t I get it now?

A: The Welsh Government’s significant investment in the Superfast Cymru programme seeks to ensure that 96% of Wales will have access to high speed broadband by 2016. The benefits of fibre broadband significantly outweigh those of basic broadband connectivity.

Q: You have informed me that my postcode will be receiving Superfast Cymru within the next 18 months and that I am not eligible to apply for support. If in 18 months time I still cannot access Superfast Cymru, am I able to apply again?

A: Yes, we would like to hear from you if your area has been enabled by Superfast Cymru and your home or business does not have access to fibre broadband.

Q: I have previously received support under the Broadband Support Scheme, am I able to apply for Access Broadband Cymru?

A: If you have received public funding for a broadband installation through Broadband Support Scheme, Local Authority or any other body then you will not be able to apply under the scheme.

Q: I think I meet all the eligibility criteria for the scheme; can I begin the installation with my chosen ISP?

A: No, even if you think you meet all the eligibility criteria you are required to submit an application form to the Welsh Government.  If all the required information is in place and you are eligible, you will receive a formal offer letter which will tell you that you can instruct your ISP to begin installation.

Am I required to contact more than one Internet Service Provider for a quote?

A: No, but to ensure you receive the best option for your premises we would recommend that you speak to more than one provider.

Q: Do I need a site survey?

A: Yes, a site survey is needed to support your application form and provide you with the reassurance that your premises can receive a broadband connection. This will speed up the application process and make sure that you receive the best service for your requirements. These costs will be in your quote from the provider and will form part of the total installation cost.

Q: What if the site survey states that my premise is not able to get any broadband connection? Can I still claim for the site survey fees?

A: No, the site surveys are in place to ensure that you do not pay unnecessary costs, offer you piece of mind and not to waste your time on application forms unnecessarily. This means the survey work is carried out at your own risk.

Q: I cannot afford to pay an Internet Service Provider, can you help?

A: Yes, we are able to offer one form of payment, we can make direct payment to the ISP on your behalf.


The Broadband Support Scheme provides support funding for the purchase of alternative broadband solutions where telecommunication companies have not been able to provide a service.

The Scheme will allow individuals, businesses and communities in Wales’ remaining broadband slowspots to approach service providers directly, with support of Welsh Government funding.




Who can apply for support? 

  • Communities
  • Individuals
  • SMEs
  • 3rd sector organisations

You will not be able to apply for this Scheme if you have received funding from a previous publicly funded broadband scheme or you do not meet the scheme eligibility criteria.

How much support can I apply for?

Support will be available for up to a maximum of £1,000 for individual premises.

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